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With an expertise in helping Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) brands succeed in a digital world, Graviton Solution can help companies connect with their digital consumer base; launch products and services turbocharge revenues and streamline the operations to lower costs. We know how to build systems that will let your organization extract the best value out of the available budget and infrastructure.


Graviton’s Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) industry practice brings together group of thought leaders respected for helping shape many of the recognized TMT brands and helping those brands move towards digital world.

Graviton knows that reacting to change in technology means you’re behind the competition—you have to create change to be in the lead. Our technology industry specialists provide a wide range of services to help you capitalize on disruptive technologies, assess emerging business models, minimize risk, and deliver the analytic methodologies to improve efficiencies throughout your organization.

How we can help?

  • Assess the business, technology, security and privacy, implications of becoming a cloud provider.
  • Identify where business value resides and where opportunities might exist for IoT solutions within the enterprise.
  • Identify opportunities to create new business models leveraging mobility and broadening mobility portfolios through strategic acquisitions and partnerships.
  • Transform or expand current offerings to include flexible. consumption/pay as you go product and service offerings and remain competitive during the transition.
  • Identify opportunities to expand the impact of cognitive technologies and find innovative applications to dramatically improve performance, create new capabilities, and enhance competitive position.
  • Address mobile-device and application-related cyber risk and privacy concerns and regulatory compliance requirements.


Gravitation Solutions provides several ways to modernize business processes, integration of systems with newer technologies, assist in quick and better decision making, and to maximize the utilization of resources and skills. Energy have unique requirements for supply chain, contracts, procurement, material planning, asset management, and revenue accounting.



Awesome solutions for the finance industry.

We help you address the complex needs of the finance industry. Our leading technology solutions will help you in meeting with increasingly complex challenges in the area of Finance.



Apart from consulting with healthcare organizations across the country, Graviton offers consulting services to companies in the vertical of healthcare technology and assists them with business development, product development, strategic planning. Given our focus and expertise in handling clinical data, we are well-positioned to meet the needs of key stakeholders across the healthcare technology ecosystem.

Enterprise Commerce

Lead Generation, Configuration, Pricing and Quote generation

Through automation of lead generation and quote generation, your team of sales representatives can maximize the amount of time with their prospects. By doing this, they can focus on more opportunities available in the sales pipeline, and this directly impacts the bottom line.

Order Orchestration, Fulfillment and Fallout Management

Managing the order-fulfillment lifecycle across the existing enterprise systems, including billing, shipping, inventory, delivery – while also managing the service-fulfillment activities can be a pain. The team at Graviton Solutions knows how to link the systems to minimize fallouts and manage all the related factors as efficiently and effortlessly as possible.

Distributor, Partner Relationship Management (PRM)

Given our past experience across various industry verticals, we have mastered the art of enabling real-time information flow that improves visibility, promotes collaboration between you and your business partners and Resellers. In addition, you gain full control over every single aspect of the entire partner-focused sales and marketing process, which includes marketing campaigns, sales forecasting, lead management, order processing, pipeline management, and calculating partner commissions.

Customer 360, Service Fulfillment

We can create a system that will automate and detail the 360-degree service fulfillment, with the starting point at order received till the end at network orchestration, all on the basis of our knowledge to orchestrate both high-level external service platforms as well as network NMS, and EMS systems.

Active 360 Generation of Analytics for cross-sell/up-sell

Analytics form the backbone of the businesses in the digital age, and Graviton Solutions delivers detailed insights and valuable data that is actionable by the organizations. Result is revenue growth and better alignment of sales and marketing funnels.