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Open Stack/Open Daylight

The OpenStack neutron plugin designed for OpenDaylight is named “networking-odl.” Its core responsibility is to transmit the network configuration from OpenStack to the OpenDaylight controller. This communication is facilitated through the use of public REST APIs. This model streamlines the implementation process on the OpenStack side by delegating all networking tasks to OpenDaylight, thereby reducing the processing load on OpenStack.

OpenStack and OpenDaylight Architecture:

Within the OpenStack and OpenDaylight architecture, the OpenDaylight controller relies on NetVirt to configure Open vSwitch instances. These instances make use of the OpenFlow and OVSDB protocols and are instrumental in establishing the necessary networking environment. This encompasses layer 2 networking, IP routing, security groups, and more. Crucially, the OpenDaylight controller ensures essential isolation between different tenants.

Additionally, NetVirt exhibits the capability to oversee hardware gateways through the OVSDB protocol. A hardware gateway typically takes the form of a top-of-rack (ToR) Ethernet switch that supports the OVSDB hardware_vtep scheme. It serves as the bridge connecting virtual machines with the physical devices in the network.

Empowering Your Cloud Computing with Graviton Solutions

At Graviton Solutions, we delve into the realm of cloud computing, offering advanced deployment tools that streamline complex network implementation, management, and deployment.

One key facet of our expertise lies in the integration of OpenStack with the OpenDaylight (ODL) controller. While this technology remains relevant in many contexts, it is gradually becoming outdated due to rigid network structures, high operating system costs, and the complexities of managing networks hosted on expensive machines with hardware from multiple manufacturers, leading to compatibility issues.

As a solution to these challenges, the shift towards greater flexibility and scheduling systems is evident. Initiatives involving Free and Open Source Software, the development of programming languages compatible with various systems, and the advent of cloud computing have reshaped the landscape. Cloud hosting, remote data management, and virtualization have become essential components, enabling the deployment of multiple diverse servers on a single hardware platform, and optimizing resource utilization.

Networks are embracing flexibility by enhancing management through centrally controlled applications. This not only eliminates errors but also accelerates configuration processes. At Graviton Solutions, our mission is to guide you through the creation of a foundational OpenStack environment, seamlessly integrated with the ODL controller. This integration unlocks greater flexibility, scalability, and programmable network management.

NFV On-boarding, Migration, and Assurance

In addition to OpenStack and ODL expertise, Graviton Solutions also offers comprehensive NFV (Network Function Virtualization) services, covering onboarding, migration, and assurance.

If you need more information about all these aspects then you have to connect with our expert team right now.