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Graviton Solutions: Transforming Business Challenges with Technology Leadership

At Graviton Solutions, we are driven by a mission to apply technology thought leadership to address and solve business issues. Our approach involves setting strategic direction, architecting solutions for fundamental IT challenges, and ultimately resolving core business issues. With a team of highly skilled and experienced experts, we deliver exceptional services. Our straightforward, results-oriented methodology ensures quick and guaranteed success.

Graviton Solutions: Empowering Business Growth through IT Expertise

Graviton Solutions is your trusted IT consulting firm, dedicated to enhancing business potential and fostering growth. Whether you are a business professional in search of streamlined operations, from efficient employee hiring to project analysis and various IT tasks, Graviton Solutions provides cost-effective services.

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Our Services


Business Consultation

Gravitation Solutions help in redefining the opportunities and helps to determine what is best for your organization and helps to maintain a balance between value and risk.


Industry Leadership

Become an industry thought leader requires the ability to constantly create new and innovative content. We have the right tools to help corporations become innovation leaders.


Enterprise Architecture

Our consultancy firm has come to the aid of many clients looking for the right enterprise design for their companies. We help in company’s aspirations and goals.


Staff Augmentation

Projects that run on a big budget need the right team of people to see them to completion. Even with all the right resources, without the right minds working on a project, failure is inevitable.


Product Development

Business success is not just about coming up with brilliant ideas. Turning good ideas into products that receive a good reception from the clients is one of the ways to turn good ideas into invaluable gems.


Project Management

Getting the corporation to run like a well-oiled machine is no small feat. Companies need ITIL experts that can help them get their digital infrastructure in line with the organization’s goals.



Graviton’s Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) industry practice brings together group of thought leaders respected for helping shape many of the recognized TMT brands.



Gravitation Solutions provides several ways to modernize business processes, integration of systems with newer technologies, assist in quick and better decision making.



We help you address the complex needs of the finance industry. Our leading technology solutions will help you in meeting with increasingly complex challenges in the area of Finance.



We offer you an end-to-end portfolio of SAP solutions that covers the entire solution life-cycle. We cover traditional SAP Applications like ERP, CRM, SCM, SRM, MDM, and so on.

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Our specialists offer a diverse range of services to help you seize the potential of disruptive technologies, navigate emerging business models, mitigate risk, and enhance efficiency through advanced analytics.

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